Time’s Running Out to Save Your Network! Enter Our Sysadmin Day Contest Now!

Futuristic time machine graphic

Are you well prepared to save your network and steady the ship in the new normal? If you aren’t, we’re here to help you. Sysadmins the world over have been working tirelessly trying to set up seamless remote work, providing access to virtual private networks (VPNs) and protecting remote systems from cyberattacks.

To show our appreciation for all the indomitable sysadmins out there, we’ve come up with an exciting “Back to the Future of IT” contest that features some amazing prizes. All you have to do is enter the contest and you could win some ultra-cool futuristic goodies for free!

The first 1,000 contest entries get a t-shirt and a sticker pack while five lucky winners will be randomly selected to win a time capsule valued at over $500.

Isn’t that absolutely exciting?

The fun doesn’t end there though. You can also download our captivating Back to the Future of IT-themed comic “Save the Network” and get a glimpse of how Kaseya VSA can help you save your IT network and get you back to the new normal.

Kaseya VSA is a remote monitoring and endpoint management solution that allows you to remotely manage endpoints without disrupting users in order to proactively resolve issues. With Kaseya VSA, you can see your entire network and ensure that all your on- and off-network devices are up and running.

Don’t wait another second to get your hands on these amazing goodies. Enter the contest today and celebrate Sysadmin Day in style with some fancy futuristic gear!

And do not forget! This is the last call to be entered into the contest, so it’s best if you grab the opportunity now!