Keeping Remote Customers Secure During COVID-19

[SECURITY |4 MIN READ] IT services providers are essential in today’s world. You are doing your part to help keep workers at home and livelihoods alive by keeping businesses up and running. In the midst of it all, what if the inevitable happens: your customers face a password compromising event (PCE)?


PCEs are everywhere. They’re more than just sophisticated attacks against your environment. A phone or laptop gets lost or stolen. A technician unexpectedly leaves the company. A client working remotely accesses sensitive data from a home network with nonexistent security policies.

The PCE is inevitable. The only question is how you’ll respond. You can devote several hours to changing all credentials that may be associated with a compromised user. This is secure but time intensive. You can spend less time by changing only the credentials that you *think* were impacted. This saves time but creates a security nightmare.

As you continue serving organizations operating remote workforces, it’s important to keep your focus on security. We’ve already seen criminals attempt to take advantage of the confusion by initiating COVID-19 related attacks. Cybercriminals are on the move and they are trying to find vulnerabilities in our new work environments.  

Your MSP business can become a prime target since you hold the keys to multiple businesses’ data. Good news, you can prevent a password compromising event (PCE) by having a strong password management solution in place for cloud and remote services.

That’s why we want to take today, World Password Day, recognized on the first Thursday of May, to remind you that using a strong, automated password and data management tool is essential in today’s climate. It should be considered a part of your security stack. 

Watch how this tech remedies a common WFH challenge that MSPs face. Warning: if you, or anyone you know, is still using PASSWORD1, please change it now.

SolarWinds® Passportal offers multiple security features such as military-grade password management and data protection, strong password generation, and company and personal password vaults that are cloud-accessible and multi-factor authentication (MFA) integrated.

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