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Saturday Night in Hickman County

At the Storytellers Museum

Doors open at 6:15, performances start at 7pm

After Johnny Cash became owner of the farm in Bon Aqua in 1972, he later purchased an old general store and post office (in the same building). The old store goes back to the 1800s. During the late 1800s and 1900s, people from other cities rode the train to Bon Aqua, to stay at the Bon Aqua Springs Resort for the entire summer. The attraction was the mineral water, especially sulfur water, the hotel, and an underground swimming pool, certainly unknown in a rural area at that time. They believed the sulfur water was healing. Guests were transported to the hotel at the springs, which was not very far from the store and the Weems’ farm, by wagons and buggies.

As years went by, the old general store saw many owners. Johnny and June Carter Cash were two of them. In the 1970s, they purchased the store from “Red” Wortham. During the time that Johnny owned the store, he built a stage in the back of the store where he invited family, friends and members of the community to come play, sing, or just listen to some good ol’ picking and grinning; anyone was welcome at the unrehearsed show. Those special nights occurred on Saturday, usually every other Saturday night. A large note was placed on the door to notify the community “Come on over because we will be having some good music tonight.” The event occurred at the store for several years without any costs from the visitors. This is how the song “Saturday Night In Hickman County” came to be recorded by Johnny Cash. Later on, Johnny and June sold the old building back to “Red” Wortham, who turned it into a recording studio.

In 2016, the old store building sat empty and was abandoned for years, and was near collapse. Thanks to Brian Oxley and his vision, the old building now is back in business and is home to The Storytellers Museum, and hosts Saturday Night In Hickman County every other weekend, like Johnny did. You can still hear some good music coming from the little stage again.


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  1. I enjoyed this bit of history. Thank you.
    God Bless Brian Oxley. His vision to restore is a Blessing for many resons and on many levels.
    Our History is being diminished and our Children and thier Children and generation to follow are goimg to lose what has shaped our nation. It is also the history of hpw Country people and Country Music was so pure.
    Country Music is on a down slope. I can’t wait to come see the music and bring my Granddaughter. She is seven and loves Appalachian Music and Country Music along with some string and jug bands.
    Thank you again,
    God Bless you and everyone involved.

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