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Martha Hinson, Painter

In the early 1970’s, Martha Hinson was a favorite of craft fair attendees for her painted rocks, unique toadstools and driftwood creations. Her whimsical imagination and lively personality helped sell her art and eventually led her to branch out into oils. Many of her early works, sold as both originals and prints, depicted scenes around her hometown of Centerville and Hickman County. One of her most popular works was a print of the checker players on the Centerville square.

Martha Hinson’s drawing of Centerville United Methodist Church, of which she was a member

The artist was self-taught, for the most part. She said she learned “mostly by trial and error, and that’s a method you don’t forget.” Aside from her family and golf, art was her greatest passion.

Eventually Hinson developed an enthusiasm for the ancient arts of etching and engraving, becoming proficient enough to conduct workshops in the medium. Her beautiful etchings covered the gamut from the humorous and whimsical to historic buildings, flowers, animals and area landmarks. In 1978, she was commissioned by the Hyatt Regency in Nashville for a series of Nashville landmarks, which hung in the well-known Polaris Restaurant atop the hotel. Her career took off at that point, with sales all over the United States. Many of her etchings were themed sets, such as teacups, old buildings, African wild life, and countless others.

In the late 1990’s, Hinson shifted the theme of her art to the spiritual realm. Her works was featured in Nashville galleries as late as 1999. Hinson’s boundless energy and enthusiasm for life continued well into her eighties and she was able to enjoy her love of art and her passion for golf.

Shortly before her death in 2016, Martha Hinson gifted the Grinders Switch Foundation with numerous copies of her etchings and engravings. The Foundation offers these works for sale, with proceeds helping fund support of the arts in Hickman County.


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  1. Hello, I’m so glad I found out about this person, her passion for the arts, n, golf, looks like an Angel lives on, I never will meet her but yet I feel her threw here art, sketches, precision, wow, she got my attention, like all of you. Thank you for this Site, good day

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