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Hickman County Quilt Show


The art of sewing pieces of fabric together to create a quilt is as old as time. Every culture has quilted. Today there are quilts hanging in museums around the world. This is largely due to the African-Americans of the Southern United States. Slaves developed a quilt that told a story. Quilts were used to depict places of refuge, a family tree, or representations of legends that needed to be recorded among individuals who couldn’t read.


The Hickman County Quilt Show has displayed needlework from some of the finest quilters in Hickman County, Tennessee since 2006. With support from the community, The Hickman County Times, The Hickman County Chamber of Commerce, the Grinders Switch Foundation, The Tennessee Arts Commission, the UT Extension Service, and various local businesses, The Hickman County Quilt Show is a highlight annual event. Held each year on the first weekend in October at the First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall in Centerville, Tennessee the event features many breathtaking quilts.

No two are alike yet they all share a common “thread.” Each quilt contains stitches sewn with love and each quilt tells a story. Some quilts are made from patterns that have been handed down through generations. Others are new geometric patterns of mind-boggling proportions.

Through photos and documentation about the quilter and the quilt, a booklet is published each year by the Hickman County Quilt Guild. A daunting task considering most of the members are busy mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. Time and unforeseen occurrences have caused the group to admit new members as older members cease quilting. The Guild qualified for a grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission in 2012. With this grant, money has been set aside to publish books of the 2011-2014 quilt shows. The Guild is currently working on the 2015 book.

Each year ribbons are awarded to the Viewer’s Choice quilt and the Best of Show quilt.


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